Opened in January 2019, Apö is the dream of an entrepreneur who wanted to make his passion, grilled meat, a way of life. Our small venue, with capacity for around 40 people inside and as many on the terrace, is characterized by its high ceilings and its simple but cozy decoration to enjoy lunch or dinner.

Our two Dry Ager ® maturation chambers occupy a privileged place in our room, where you will find a wide variety of breeds and cuts of beef and ox, of different origins, ages and maturation times. From the piece that you like the most, we will serve you the quantity that you decide and we will cook it on our live charcoal grill, giving it the point that you prefer.

Although we are undoubtedly a restaurant for carnivores, here you can find different typical Spanish dishes and, of course, some nods to Venezuelan cuisine such as arepas and tequeños. To accompany all the dishes, we also have an extensive national wine list suitable for all tastes.

Kiko Villanueva

Born in Venezuela, Kiko has always been passionate about the grill. Since he was a child, he was always in front of the coals, helping the griller and attentively observing how the flames were caressing the meats, until giving them that golden touch on the outside and juicy on the inside that he manages to give to each piece. Also from a very young age he loved going to work on his father’s farm, getting involved in the whole process of raising, fattening, etc. that a livestock farm entails.

Although he came to Spain to train as a geologist and has practiced as such for several years in his native Venezuela, his dream was always to have a restaurant. Back in Spain and with the need to reinvent himself and start over, he took up that idea that had always been on his mind; become a cook and open his restaurant. He trained for it and worked in many of the best restaurants in Granada, until he decided to take the plunge and open his own restaurant.

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