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APÖ is the word that the Pemones, aboriginal people from the southeast of Venezuela, created to name fire.
Since the day humans discovered fire, it has not only been used to keep warm, cook, see in the dark or protect themselves. The fire brought them together and we stopped living in isolation to create a community.

This is the spirit of APÖ, where all dishes are designed to share and bring people together around a table.

Churrasco a la brasa
Raw beef steak held by chefs hands

Top quality products

We are committed to local products and to national farmers and ranchers, who pamper and take care of their products, as well as the environment. All the ingredients of our dishes are fresh; the vegetables come from local markets and the meat from national farms with all the certificates that guarantee that they are products of the highest quality, with which we guarantee delicious and healthy dishes.

Everything on the grill

We are one of the few restaurants that have an open grill, with which we achieve that characteristic flavor that is only achieved with direct grilling. The oldest and most traditional way of cooking and the most respectful of the product.

Kiko Villanueva

Venezuelan by birth and geologist by training, since he was a child he has been glued to a grill and has spent much of his life surrounded by ranchers, learning all about beef. From the union of his two passions; livestock and grilling, APÖ was born in January 2019, and since then it has dedicated itself every day to offering us the best meats like no one else knows how to cook them.

El chef Kiko Villanueva sosteniendo una pieza de carne

Where are we located?

Plaza de San Lázaro 15, Local 2, 18012 Granada, Spain.



Wednesday to Saturday: 13:30 – 17:30 y 20:00 – 00:00

Tuesday and Sunday: 13:30 -17:30

Monday: Cerrado

Information and bookings:

+34 858 812 904 // 695 338 489

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